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confirms my suspicion that Stevil is a rad dude that i could kick it with.

oh yeah… more thoughts from the lulackawyco hundo

there are a few thoughts that have come to the surface in the last few days that i didn’t touch on in my llwh write-up. i’ll try to be brief(ish).

cycling as meditation

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there’s something about long singlespeed rides on rural roads that, if the conditions are right (i.e. my chain is lubed & nothing else about the bike is bothering me) that brings me to a place of peace. this is my meditation. almost without fail, riding in these conditions for hours on end brings up memories i haven’t pondered in ages, emotions i had neglected to process, or impossible psychedelic situations that are just a fun mental playground.

this ride brought to me a deep sense of gratitude. not for anything in particular, but for everything. for my partner Pilar, who centers & strengthens me, is my archetype for grace & kindness, & shows me unconditional love. for the home we are making together. for my family who nurtured me into the empathic human that i am today. for my chosen family of friends that make life rich & full of laughter. for struggle itself, for being the pathway to inner-growth. for the land & ecosystems that bind & sustain us all.


cuse crew

my friend Jen tackled an immense personal challenge this past sunday by riding past her previous longest distance (30mi) to a grand total of ~53 miles! on a super tough & hilly course no less. i remember clearly a ride where i broke through a barrier like this, & if you haven’t done it it’s hard to explain the mix of uncertainty, emotional struggle & physical pain it takes to complete such a transcendent experience. it was an privilege to witness such grit. bon courage!

ducks fly together!

check out this great video wrap up of the other awesome bike event this past weekend, Singlespeed-a-palooza! hopefully SSAP will get it’s weekend back next year & i can do both LLWH and SSAP; those diagonal roots, unexpected ledges, & painful gravel climbs aren’t gonna ride themselves.

also, i heard local fast lady Katina Walker got 2nd in the open women! congrats!

also also, if you’re in the area of Newburgh, NY with your mountain bike, do make it a point to stop & ride the trails at Stewart State Forest. they are rad. that is all.

my lulackawyco hundo 2014

marching on

so my story is pretty much summed up in this sms, but if anyone was looking for a longer write-up, here goes.

camped at Frances Slocum State Park Sunday night with my friend Brian H. it was the first weekend the camp ground was open, lucky for us! i’m too young & stupid to come up with a reason that could justify a hotel room for a bike event. also, this was our neighbor at the campground:

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shreddin’ in Bend to the always psychedelically awesome Black Angels. the opening snowy scene seemed appropriate for those of us stuck in the great northern tundra that is New York right now.

those leaf 60mm elastomer forks look awesome! photo by Peter Verdone of PVD Designs. View high resolution

those leaf 60mm elastomer forks look awesome! photo by Peter Verdone of PVD Designs.

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